An Educator’s Guide to Psych-Eds & IEPs

Educator’s Guide to Psych – Eds & IEPs provides tutors, behavior interventionists, and other educators outside of the school system an opportunity to learn more about psych – ed assessments, their reports, and IEPs.

Dr. Kathryn Garforth takes you through the psych -ed and IEP process shows you how to get the information you need out of the psych – ed report so that you can understand your student’s unique learning needs and how to create an IEP Binder for your student.

This will help you have a better understanding of your student’s unique profile so that you can tailor your instruction to their needs and help their family advocate for the child at school.

Given the huge range of learning abilities in the school system today Tutors & Educators with these skills are in high demand. You will be able to level up your business simply by being able to provide families with this support and make a big impact on helping your client’s achieve their goals.

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MODULE 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • What are Psych-Eds and IEPs?
  • Intro to Psych-Eds & Process
  • Intro to IEPS & Process
  • Synopsis

MODULE 2: Psyc-Ed Assessment

  • Introduction
  • Why Psych-Eds done?
  • What is the clinician looking for?
  • Standardized Measures
  • Scores & What They Mean?
  • Synopsis
  • Preparing Student History for Psych-Ed

MODULE 3: The Psych-Ed Report

  • Introduction
  • The components of a Report
  • Common Terminology
  • Results & Diagnoses
  • Strength & Weaknesses Profile
  • Synopsis


  • Introduction
  • IEP Components
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Accommodations and Modifications
  • Application of the IEP
  • Synopsis

MODULE 5: The IEP Binder

  • Introduction
  • Parts of the IEP Binder
  • Filling the IEP Binder
  • Supportive Informative and Glossary
  • Synopsis

MODULE 6: Using the Psych-Ed to Inform the IEP

  • Introduction
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Profile
  • Baseline of Skills
  • Compiling Information
  • IEP Recommendations
  • Synopsis

MODULE 7: The Little things that matter

  • Introduction
  • Advocacy & Self-Advocacy
  • Transition Plan
  • Mainstream VS Special Education
  • Least Restrictive Environment
  • Inclusion VS Integration
  • Behaviour Intervention Plan
  • Synopsis

MODULE 8: Supporting the Family through the IEP

  • Introduction
  • A Parent’s Perspective
  • Prep work before the meeting
  • Ways to support during the meeting
  • Reviewing the IEP & moving forward
  • Synopsis

This course provided easily understood explanations of Psych-Ed terminology and how to translate data from reports to practical strategies to assist the student with their learning journey.

CATT – OG Practitioner Associate

This course is ideal for educators seeking more information about Psych-Eds and the IEP process. It will provide them with a solid foundation of knowledge, practical strategies to support their students, and tools to assist parents to better advocate for their child’s needs during IEP meetings.

Structured Literacy Interventionist

You will learn much more than what is listed in the course outline. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She is “on the pulse” of all things relating to learning differences…plus she has lived it…all sides of it. In my opinion, experience is king. If this is your career path you need to know Dr. G.

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