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This course was designed for educators who want to know about Reading Science.

In less than 10 hours you will learn about:
·       How people learn to read
·       The 5 essential skills we need our students to develop to become confident readers
·       Gives you the activities you need to work on these skills
·       Demonstrations on how to use these activities
The information covered in this course is based on current best practices for reading instruction for every reader!
We at Garforth Education know how stressful and expensive professional development can be so we would like to off you the following Bonus when you purchase A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Science! 
Bonus: 5 Essential Components of Reading: A Skill Development Activity Guide
When you purchase “A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Science”, we will send you a copy of “5 Essential Components of Reading: A Skill Development Activity Guide”. This eBook is meant to supplement the course. It has additional activities and information about additional ways you can help your students with the 5 Essential Components of reading. As an added bonus, we have embedded links to videos of how to use these materials in your own classroom.
eBook Real Value: $49 to $97