The IEP Plan has Dr. Kathryn Garforth review your child’s psycho-educational assessment, report cards for the past two years, and the previous year’s IEP (if available). From this material, she will create a plan for how she would approach your child’s next IEP meeting. She will make suggestions for goals, objectives, adaptations, accommodations, adaptations and assistive technology she feels would help support your child at school.

The finished product will come in the form of contents for an IEP Binder and it will include a customized glossary of terms based on your child’s psycho-educational assessment. Dr. Kathryn Garforth will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the IEP Plan with you and take the time to answer your questions about the process.

The IEP Plan also includes complimentary enrollment in Garforth Education’s A Parent’s Guide to IEPs course so that you can develop a better understanding of Individualized Education Plans. This will allow you to walk into your child’s next IEP Meeting with more confidence.


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