Executive Functions Explained

  • This is a 7 module designed for individuals who would like to learn about executive functions so you can understand how executive functions impact learning and behavior.
  • The first module introduces you to executive functions, how they develop and what can happen when someone has weak executive functioning.

  • The second module focuses on how to classify executive functions and how we can support their development.


Intro to Executive Functions

  • Course Overview
  • Executive Functions
  • Importance of Executive Functions
  • Executive Functions Development
  • Executive Disfunction
  • Synopsis

Executive Functions & Research

  • Research Overview
  • How many Executive Functions?
  • Lower Level Executive Functions
  • Higher Level Executive Functions
  • Hot & cold Executive Functions
  • Supporting Executive Functions Development
  • Synopsis

Working Memory

  • What is Working Memory
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Working Memory
  • Supporting Working Memory
  • Working Memory’s Influence
  • Synopsis

Inhibitory Control

  • What is Inhibitory Control?
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Inhibitory Control
  • Supporting Inhibitory Control
  • Inhibitory Control’s Influence
  • Synopsis

Cognitive Flexibility

  • What is Cognitive Flexibility?
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Cognitive Flexibility
  • Supporting Cognitive Flexibility
  • Cognitive Flexibility’s Influence
  • Synopsis

Higher-Order Executive Functions

  • Intro to Higher Order Executive Functions
  • Planning & Time Management
  • Organization
  • Task Initiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Attention
  • Monitoring
  • Synopsis

Supporting Executive Functions Development

  • How do you support it?
  • Baseline of Skills
  • Explicit Teaching
  • Scaffolded Support
  • Visual Reminders
  • Synopsis

This course provided easily understood explanations of Psych-Ed terminology and how to translate data from reports to practical strategies to assist the student with their learning journey.

CATT – OG Practitioner Associate

This course is ideal for educators seeking more information about Psych-Eds and the IEP process. It will provide them with a solid foundation of knowledge, practical strategies to support their students, and tools to assist parents to better advocate for their child’s needs during IEP meetings.

Structured Literacy Interventionist

You will learn much more than what is listed in the course outline. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She is “on the pulse” of all things relating to learning differences…plus she has lived it…all sides of it. In my opinion, experience is king. If this is your career path you need to know Dr. G.

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At Garforth Education, we believe that everybody has a unique learning profile with different strengths and challenges. When considering this profile to design a personalized education plan, it is possible to find a pathway to success at any age.

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