Garforth Education welcomes clients of all ages and with different academic needs including: learning disorders; ADHD; Autism Spectrum; and low incidence special needs.
Educational Consulting

At Garforth Education, we believe everyone has a unique way of learning. To build around this belief, every person is given a one-on-one assessment and we develop an evidence-based learning plan best suited to their strengths. These plans can be implemented by family members or with one of our coaches. Additionally, Garforth Education can act as a program manager and work with any additional professionals needed by our client.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

This service helps remove the fear and apprehension a child may feel as they begin their first year of school by figuring out what areas they may need help with to develop. First, we meet with the child in a relaxed, play-like environment and test their pre-literacy, pre-numeracy, and fine motor skills. Then, we will meet with both parents and their child and discuss different activities and ways to help give them their best chance to succeed.

Plan to Read Assessment

Almost everybody can learn to read when they are provided with instruction that is tailored to their own unique learning needs. This assessment is perfect for students who are struggling with learning to read, have a family history of learning disabilities or have another diagnosed disability. The Plan Read Assessment is a two-part evaluation, targeted for primary students in kindergarten through grade three who are having a difficult time learning how to read and spell. It aims to provide families with an understanding as to why their child is struggling and what can be done about it. In the first session, we have a brief discussion with the child and their parents before doing some activities with the child. In the second session, we meet with the parents to discuss our findings and make recommendations. The child is also welcome to be part of this session.

*Please note the Plan to Read Assessment is not a Psycho-Educational Assessment and it will not provide your child with a learning disabilities designation.

Academic Advising and Coaching

Garforth Education provides coaching for students of all ages and abilities. This service is especially beneficial for students moving to a new school, starting a new grade, or struggling academically. These sessions are developed by Dr. Garforth based on a student’s goals and needs and focus on, among other things, study skills, note-taking, and organization.

Home Schooling Support

This service is great for families who are Home Schooling and would like to learn about current best practices for teaching printing, handwriting, reading, writing, and mathematics. We can discuss how to include STEAM activities into your home schooling curriculum. We can help you find the right approach to meet your child’s needs. Monthly meetings allow us to help ensure your child is meeting their goals and allows us to make any adjustments if needed.

Professional Development

Garforth Education offers presentations and workshops to early childhood educators, teachers and other educational professionals on evidence-based instructional practices covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Evidence-based literacy instruction
  • Evidence-based mathematics instruction
  • Handwriting instruction
  • Progress monitoring and Curriculum-Based Assessment
  • Literacy development of students who are Chinese speaking English Language Learners

Parent Workshops

Garforth Education also holds parent workshops to help them create positive learning environment at home and teach them strategies to help their children learn and covers a variety of topics:

  • Printing skills
  • Teaching the alphabet
  • Teaching numbers
  • Reading to your child at home
  • Homework and organization
  • Advocacy
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Assistive Technology

*Please contact us about pricing and packages.