Garforth Education welcomes clients of all ages and with different academic needs including learning disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, and low incidence of special needs.



Dr. Garforth’s techniques really helped me learn to communicate with my step daughter when she first moved in with us from a place without structure.  I felt like no matter what I said she wasn’t listening to me but it turned out she was listening, she just wasn’t retaining the information because she worked better with visual cues than verbal.  Dr. Garforth’s helpful tips of using list and writing things down helped make a huge difference in our daily routines and the beginning of our new mother daughter relationship


We are very grateful for Dr. Garforth’s compassion and expertise in helping us find an answer to my daughter’s challenges and getting support as well as an individual education plan for my daughter to relieve some of her academic stress.  I would recommend Dr. Garforth with full confidence in helping people identify and work towards overcoming learning challenges.

Alexzandra Howcroft

Dr. Garforth helped me find a way to understand what I was going through. I was struggling in school trying to keep up, I would stay up till 1 in the morning and still handed stuff in late which caused much anxiety.  My mother and I met up with Dr. Garforth to help us figure out what was going on and pointed us in the direction of getting me tested to get an official report done to help me out at school and deal with my dyslexia and slow processing.  While meeting with Dr. Garforth, she made me comfortable and at ease while making my feelings and struggles feel valid.  Since meeting with her, my life has made a 180-degree change, and I am able to understand myself and how I work and allow others to understand as well.

Mariah - individual with dyslexia

For years, my son struggled to write a single, complete sentence.  Now, he’s writing multi-paragraphs at a time!  This is a miracle, thank you for your great work and coaching!

Susanna Bentley

Mother of an individual on the Autism Spectrum

We didn’t know where to turn.  I was pretty positive my daughter had dyslexia… she was working long and hard and the process was slow and frustrating.  Dr. Garforth was there for us with patience,  kindness, wisdom and understanding.  She steered us in the right direction toward some helpful solutions. We are thankful for her empathy and direct, but soft – guidance and truth.  Thank you, Dr. Garforth, you were an answer to our prayers.


Mother of an individual with dyslexia

Dr. Garforth was instrumental in heading me in the right direction to get my son assessed and then diagnosed. He has ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing and anxiety. She helped him figure out strategies for learning, focus and confidence for not just school but life in general!

Beverly Van Guilder