Myth Busters YouTube Videos

Featuring Lynn Givens

  • Reading Myth: Learning to read is a natural process.
  • Reading Myth: Children will eventually learn to read if given enough time.
  • Reading Myth: If we read to children, they will pick up reading by themselves.
  • Reading Myth: Some children will just not be able to learn to read.
  • Phonological Myth: Not all students need phonics instruction, but learn by the “whole word” method and by using cues.
  • Phonological Myth: Phonics instruction is “boring.”
  • Phonological Myth: Phonological awareness and phonics instruction and practice are for young students only.
  • Fluency Myth: Reading “fast” is reading “well.”
  • Fluency Myth: Fluency instruction and practice only work with young students.
  • Fluency Myth: Silent reading improves fluency as much as oral reading.
  • Comprehension Myth: Comprehension If a student can read, he can comprehend.
  • Comprehension Myth: Answering teacher’s questions is an adequate measure of a student’s comprehension.